Cancer Care Touch Therapy

We are delighted to say that the River Spa can now offer Cancer Care Touch Therapy for those going through, and post cancer treatment.  Our therapists have been trained and certified in Touch Therapy Education as developed by Christina Clinton, and supported by Voya. We share the belief that all clients going through treatment for cancer, deserve safe and effective treatments within our spa. 

Using the finest organic ingredients and thoughful feedback from guests living with cancer, Voya, has developned their wonderful Tender Tides treatment menu, which, we are delighted to offer to you. The four treatments address specific skin concerns and the bespoke therapies will be suitable for all guests at all stages of treatment.

TENDER TIDES -  VOYA Treatment Rituals

In collaboration with Christine Clinton Cancer Care™, VOYA have created four wellbeing rituals to support your journey of healing, both during and after cancer treatment. These wellness rituals have been developed to harness the healing benefits of organic seaweed and restore maximum moisture to dry irritated skin that has been compromised by Radiation, Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy or other cancer treatments.  VOYA’s gentle, certified-organic ingredients used in these Spa Rituals have been hand-picked for their specific abilities to heal, support and repair.  Deeply nourishing and restorative, allow yourself to be cocooned and cared for, take this time for you.

Skin Sea Soothers Facial €95

This restful ocean inspired organic facial deeply soothes and nourishes the skin. It helps support and restore both fragile and sensitive skin. The deeply hydrating facial mask with Rose of Jericho and Argan oil, known for repairing the skins functional barrier and preventing moisture loss will be gently applied to face, neck and décolleté. Warm hydrating seaweed leaves will be wrapped around your hands and feet to help reduce inflammation and tenderness. A balm with oils of Rosehip and Almond will be applied to nail beds to repair and nourish. This facial is recommended for guests in active treatment with tender, sensitive skin.

Calm Seas Massage €90

Be transported by VOYA’s ‘ Calming Voyage Massage’ , let us take you on a restorative journey into hydration, relaxation and comfort. This top to toe relieving treatment uses hand harvested organic seaweed leaves and an abundance of nourishing vitamins and minerals such as A,E & F, Shea butter, Rosehip oil and Evening Primrose to minimize skin sensitivity and restore moisture balance. Layer upon Layer of hydration will ensure your skin feels soft, soothed and comforted in this full body spa ritual. Safe and effective while in active treatment.

Art of Healing Facial €95

This targeted facial is focused on repairing the skin’s barrier function and reintroducing hydration to your skin. A gentle enzymatic exfoliation lifts dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal, while our specific seaweed mask with intense moisturizing qualities repairs and restores your skin. This facial includes an eye treatment with Camomile, Pomegranate and Sea Buckthorn oil known for high levels of omega 6 and Vitamins A & E to reduce dryness and sensitivity around the delicate eye area. A perfect facial for guests who have completed cancer treatments and want to rehydrate and replenish the skin.

Heart of Ocean Cocoon €90

This is the time to consider detoxifying the body and so we have developed a powerful cleansing ritual using a combination of Laminara seaweed extracts and organic Fucus Serratus. This treatment helps to stimulate blood and lymph circulation which will detoxify and cleanse the body. The use of Organic Seaweed and Essential Oils will rejuvenate and improve suppleness and elasticity. This deeply relaxing body treatment includes a full body exfoliation and massage to bring you back to self. The Ideal body therapy when cancer treatments are completed.