Burren Ecotourism Network


We are long time members of the Burren Ecotourism Network. The Network comprises over 50 local tourism enterprises with the objective of establishing The Burren as a premier internationally recognised sustainable tourism region, ensuring the future economic and social growth and sustainable development of its communities, environment and heritage. It seeks to support continued training, mentoring and accreditation in sustainable tourism for its members and for businesses interested in joining the Network. The Network received a 'Best in Travel 2021' Community Award from Lonely Planet, naming it as one of the Top 30 places, people and projects for 2021.
The Network aims to be a recognisable network of enterprises in the Burren, who have achieved independent accreditation, demonstrate ecotourism ‘best practice’, positively discriminate in each other’s favour, provide ‘one voice’ representation on issues impacting the Burren (where appropriate), and inspire conservation activism.
Members of BEN are committed to the promotion of responsible tourism that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people. We work together to promote ‘The Burren & Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Geopark’ as a leading sustainable visitor destination, celebrated for high standards in visitor experience, conservation and learning.

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