Environmental Policies

An Eco Friendly Hotel

Eco friendly tourism & sustainability are at the heart of all that we do at The Falls. We are lucky to be situated in one of the most beautiful locations in Ireland (and the world!), in the Cliffs of Moher & Burren UNESCO Geopark, and as a responsible business we believe it is our duty to protect this environment, click here for more information on the Geopark.

Carbon Neutral12 GreenMark

In March 2021, we were certified as a carbon neutral property by GreenMark.ie through Green Hospitality Ireland. The certificate states that; 'The hotel has achieved a carbon neutral status for Scope 1 & 2 and other direct emissions through the implementation of a comprehensive carbon reduction programme (Carbon Smart) , investment in energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy plus carbon offsets'. In a five year period, through our green initiatives, we reduced our carbon emmissions by approximately 90%.  The moment you arrive on our 50 acre property, you are reducing your own carbon footprint!

Our sustainability journey began in 2016, when we started to keep records of our carbon emissions on a monthly basis. We began to measure our outputs from our waste, water and energy, as these are the outputs that contribute to our carbon emissions and footprint. In 2016, our carbon emission were over 700 tonnes, a huge carbon footprint. The average home in Ireland emits approximately 11 tonnes of CO2 annually. By the end of 2021, our carbon emissions were down to 56 tonnes, which we offset by planting trees on our property. We are hugely proud of this achievement! We are aimng to reduce it further.


We are running on Hydro Power!

One of the biggest sustainability projects we took on was to install a hydro electric turbine on the river running alongside us. This was a two year project and was done in consultation with the local county council, the fisheries board, environmental experts and consultants in hydro power. We installed a 220 kilowatt hydro turbine. When the river is in full flow, we are getting 100% of our electricity needs from the river. In doing so, we have dramatically reduced our dependency on carbon fuels, to the point where we are now a carbon neutral property. We are very proud of this achievement. By staying with us, you are also having a positive impact on your carbon footprint! 
During your stay, if you would like more information on our turbine, please just ask us.

Our Sustainability Policy

For more information on our sustainability policies, goals and plans, please view our Sustainability Policy HERE

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