Kayaking Trips from the Falls Hotel

River Activities

Kayaking & SUPs

The river Inagh runs around the perimter of our property and flows upstream to Lahinch. As well as lovely walks and runs along the river bank, the river is a popular spot for activities such as Kayaking and SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboard).
This is a wonderful, unique and relaxing alternative route to Lahinch! Local activitiy operators will meet you at the hotel with all the gear you need and escort you to the bridge at the end of Lahinch beach. Return lifts by road can be arranged by the operators. There are several reputable operators to choose from, visit the following: Lahinch Adventures, Lahinch Surf Experience and Clare Kayak Hire

River Tours

River tours can be arranged all year round, weather permitting, for groups of 4+ . Starting from the end of Lahinch beach or from the Falls Hotel in Ennistymon, its a one way tour either starting in Lahinch at the end of the beach where the river meets the sea at the bridge. Tours take one and half hours to 2 hours finishing at the bottom of the falls in ennistymon or the opposite way depending on wind and tides (its alot easier to go with the wind).
Its a great river for all ages and all levels of experience and is very safe.

For more information check out Clare Kayak Hire